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Take your dreams of becoming a pilot as far as you wish! Detroit Flying Lessons offers classes for pilots of all skill levels to achieve the license they dream more »

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Welcome to the world within the clouds! Detroit Flying Lessons is elated to have the opportunity to introduce you to the amazing world of flight. read more »

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Discovery Flight Gift Certificate from us. They are the ultimate gift for a flight enthusiast! read more »

Have the best aerial views of Detroit with Detroit Flying Lessons!

Although most people associate the city of Detroit with the American auto industry. It's also the home of Motown Records and many other iconic landmarks and attractions. When you make the choice to learn to fly, you have a couple options at your disposal, you could get quickly certified to just taxi around for the purpose of amusement or you could further pursue your professional pilots license to launch a career in aviation, we can help you to facilitate either of these ambitions in Detroit today. Just give our customer care agents a call and reserve your classes to get started on piloting right now! If you feel as if you aren't quite ready for such lofty pursuits, maybe try one of our Discovery Flights above the Detroit area to get a good feel for piloting a plane and take a peek at the landscape below. You may catch a glimpse of Hitsville U.S.A. or Belle Isle Park, no matter what you see or do, make plans to fly with us in Detroit today, call 313-482-9027 now!

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Become a part of the number one flying lessons reservation network in Detroit! Having skillful pilots and instructors who have multiple years of aviation know-how under their belt, Detroit Flying Lessons has a boundless network of flight instructors that is unmatched. This vast network helps us to administer you with high-quality flight schools and a straightforward reservation process to distinguish us from the competition.

Whether you are looking to earn your pilot's license, become more knowledgable or just wanting to fly a plane, let us to set a reservation for the suitable flight school to suit your expectations. While there are great amount of flight schools to select, you may rest assured that we has hand selected only the most reputable and trusted flight instructors in Michigan as part of our pilot training network.

Your comfort and safety is, and will remain, our number one priority. At Detroit Flying Lessons, we never stop working in order to provide you with more than just a simulated flying adventure. Rather than imitating the experience, we will set you up with a flight training facility that lets you enjoy the REAL action of flight, directly from the cockpit of an aircraft.

Call Detroit Flying Lessons immediately at 313-482-9027 to schedule a flight!

  • Beech Bonanza A36 Before Takeoff.
    Beech Bonanza A36 Before Takeoff.
  • Twin Engine Cessna 421 in Flight.
    Twin Engine Cessna 421 in Flight.
  • Pre-flight Aircraft Inspection.
    Pre-flight Aircraft Inspection.
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